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Hotse LangeraarThe Author lives the American dream as a European immigrant making his home in South Florida.  Hotse was born in Holland and has lived in Europe, South America and the USA.   He is well spoken and fluent in five languages with a working understanding of several more.  Since his arrival in America in 1981, he has become accomplished in the fields of commodities, finance and art. Hotse has more than 30 years experience in the commodity and financial markets. 

As a commodities trader/securities dealer, he has worked and done business on three continents for and with some of the largest institutions in the world.    His business success is contrasted by his admitted lack of academic experience.  He is a self-educated high school dropout. His true education has come from the depths of his travels, pitfalls, work and love of art and literature.

Hotse collects art, antique books and illuminated manuscripts. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife Caren and their two dogs. His son, Justin lives close by and recently made him a proud first time grandfather with the birth of a grandson, Gunnar.
F E D E R A L is his first book.