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Years ago the idea came to me to write about the Federal Reserve and shine a light on this powerfull, elusive and secretive institution. I am a professional bond trader and as such I am accutely aware of the activities and manipulations this company performs on a daily basis on our economic system and thus affecting all of us profoundly, often in ways most us are unaware of. Even many of those who share my business do not realize that the Federal Reserve System is a private company with unprecedented authority, influence and monopoly over the issuance and control of the currency of the United States. But as in any monopoly, the product is inferior. Since the enactment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the US Dollar has lost 98% of it's value and the erosion of it's quality is only accelerating. The Federal Reserve owes no allegiance to the United States of America, it answers only to it's shareholders, whose identities are a closely guarded secret. What is known is that many of them are not American and do not live on American soil.

F E D E R A L was written as a novel and even though the storyline may be fictitious, many of the facts relayed are not. So, step inside the most closely guarded corridors of power to witness firsthand the manipulation and deceit being perpetrated by the world's wealthiest families and private financial concerns. F E D E R A L is an alarming political thriller in which bond trader Stephen Vinson finds himself inextricably thrown into a maze of political and fiscal deceit surrounding the Federal Reserve System.

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned
an invisible government owing no allegiance and
acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”
―Theodore Roosevelt.

With only a high school education, Hotse Langeraar gained professional expertise and success as an international commodity trader and investment banker for over thirty years. His achievements have led him to work in his native Europe, South America and the US. He and his wife Caren reside on Bainbridge Island, WA and South Florida, in close proximity to their children.