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F E D E R A L is an alarming political thriller presenting a highly charged mystery with echoes of Hitchcock, as a man finds himself unimaginably and seemingly inextricably in the midst of a maze of global plots and nefarious deeds. What makes F E D E R A L so shocking is that the web of intrigue that happens to surround its protagonist, Stephen Vinson, is the venerable, century-old anchor of the American financial system, the Federal Reserve System.

While national monetary policy and interbank lending might not sound like areas of cloak and dagger concealment, the truth is that very few people in the US are even aware of the fact that the Federal Reserve is a private institution, with private goals and ideals, which need not have any bearing on the general interests and concerns of Americans. The Fed is in many ways the most powerful, most widely misunderstood, and most secretive institution in the US - an institution with unprecedented authority and influence to control all facets of life in America and far beyond. Yet many of the families and banks that control and operate the Fed are not American, nor reside in the United States. F E D E R A L brings to startling light the corruption, conspiracy, and criminal behavior by those who govern the Federal Reserve and seemingly live beyond the confines of the law.

The story follows a successful bond trader, Stephen Vinson. When he makes a personal investment in a new startup, an error occurs in the settlement of his shares. This innocent and otherwise insignificant mistake has far reaching consequences and sets the story in motion. F E D E R A L brings into harrowing and exacting detail a two-year saga of Stephen's life as a man on the run. Pursued by those seeking to silence him and ensure that the secrets he has discovered do not become public knowledge, he traces a path from South Florida to Zurich, across middle America to the Pacific Northwest and navigates a perilous journey to stay alive. But it will take incredible resourcefulness, and the help of his son, Anthony, a Navy SEAL-trained special ops expert, to elude the private security killers that serve the United Nation's official, Jean-François de Beauvais, Hungarian-born global financier, Austin van Buren, and their extended networks of contacts stretching to encompass syndicates in Pakistani Waziristan and Afghan warlords associated with Al Qaeda and the Haqqani network.

F E D E R A L is a tautly written, illuminating novel that will keep you riveted as Stephen Vinson comes to terms with the foreboding and menacing realities that are so skillfully shielded from public awareness behind a veil of institutional anonymity. Discover the truth about what really is at stake in the realm of global finance, politics, and the military industrial world in this exciting and revelatory new thriller.